Thursday, July 31, 2008

It's after three,
The clouds are closing in
The angels are rumbling overhead
The maple tree is dancing
And you, my dear, are almost home.

I had high aspirations for a day of shopping with Jess at the Brand New H&M, but they fell far short of reality (reality being something about huge store opening, ten million or so shoppers picking over the goods, nothing left but extra-small for my healthy chest, I don't know, something like that). However I did manage to find this sweet hat and will be trying to channel Micheal Jackson in all the glory of his Smooth Criminal days.

How much do I love that man? He puts the beat in my soul and I just gotta dance!

I would have so fallen for him back then. Let's all breathe a little sigh of sweet memory for MJ.

"Show 'em your funky,
Strong is your fight,
It doesn't matter who's wrong or right
Just Beat it."


  1. oh how I adore the people on this earth that can help this girl castoff the inhibitions and just for a moment grab some euphoria all her own. It's no secret that jk does this for me. FYI I am under a hair dryer

  2. MJ for your Thursday, got to love it!


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