Wednesday, January 28, 2009

random etsy find of the day.

what in the world?

any ideas?

~often befuddled by the handcrafted wares found on etsy,

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

the deer portrait

I sure wish there were a person in my life who collected skeletons and bones and was fascinated by deer heads and buffalo antlers (do buffalo have antlers?!).

Tell me, Umber.
Do you know such a lady?

If so,
they {she} will be requiring this into their {her} (no doubt eclectic and bohemian) wardrobe.

Deer Portrait by Luxe DeLuxe

Come on! You've been such a good girl...:)

~forever spending your money for you,
mme. bookling

Friday, January 16, 2009

depression chic: spring trends 2009

i was pursuing one of my favorite fashion websites,, and i came across the Spring 2009 report.

check out these categories:
  1. depression chic
  2. geometry lessons
  3. goddess worship
  4. marrakesh express
  5. sporting goods
  6. trash and vaudeville
i think depression chic is ironically close to melancholy chic (which, as you know, is the term i use to define my style). So I vote for depression chic (though trash and vaudeville is a CLOSE runner up, but by name only. upon further examination, i fell in love with the goddess worship).

this shirt dress by bottega veneta is smart and sexy and i think i need it.

this flowing smock by preen is so intriguing.

if my style were as low-maintenance as the i-just-woke-up-and-decided-to-wear-this-sheet, then i would want it to be this sheet by donna karan.

if were aimlessly wandering the summer streets of nice, i would want to be lost in this gorgeous gown by Halston.

consider this part of my last will and testament: i would like to be buried in this (by Max Azria)

take a gander at the collection if you want, but whoever invented the term 'depression chic' seriously owes me some royalty fees.

which collection do you gal(s) vote for?
~happily enjoying fashion from afar,

p.s. if i were to be cast in a new terminator movie, i would want to play the she bot wearing this!

Monday, January 12, 2009

Golden Globes 2009

of course i care about film and television as an art form. i have had "slumdog millionare" and "the reader" on my list since i first heard of their release.
but we all watch the golden globes for one reason. here's a few of them:
mary louise parker in such a stunning color, though i am not a fan of the dress otherwise. seriously though, beware the strapless dresses this year. i counted at least 25.

anne hathaway in perfect poise and color, but seriously? that gown is close to hideous AND strapless.

marisa tomei in what is (THANK GOD) artistic, elegant, sexy, and not strapless.

kyra sedgwick in a gorgeous gown and one that actually makes sense as strapless - though i still don't forgive her.

evan rachel wood in a gown that makes her indelibly timeless. bravo.

oh renee?!
(did you gasp? me to)!
the skirt is a work of art, but really?
i am speechless at this gown. not in a good way.

brad and angelina. because, of course.
(note her fashion forward non-strapless business).

bravo to kate winslett for FINALLY earning some legitimate awards, and two at that! she has been nominated so many times...
and yet again, a strapless number. but i can speak no evil of kate...she is the vision of loveliness here with leo.

my personal favorite.
kate bekinsale in this artistic tulip of a dress.
note the perfect use of embellishment and whimsy in a strapless dress - so much that it creates a lovely bare shoulder with the illusion of straps nonetheless.

~ever and always ogling the internet so you don't have to,

Friday, January 9, 2009

i lust have...simirin branch and kelp cups

i want...
i saw these featured on knack last night, and they have pervaded my dreams since then.

and they are only $34 for a set of four!

these are being frantically scribbled onto my lust have list of 2009 - post haste!
in the name of beverages and all vessels in which they're held,
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