Saturday, February 28, 2009

help me choose

As I mentioned to you today while you were oogling plants, I have been keeping a casual eye out for some small artwork to begin to beautify my work space.

Since the artist I was looking at last night found its way into my etsy favorites about 4 times, I decided to have you (all) help me vote on a print.

The first four are from artist Anne-Julie Aubry of The Nebulous Kingdom Illustrations.

The other few I enjoyed finding were from artist Irena Sophia.

do any of them scream candace to you?
which ones are talking?!

(some of the prints admittedly remind me of some of our lovelies in other states!)

i want them all,
mme. bookling

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

i spy etsy gift guides

though we joked around about fasting from etsy for lent {dear god, we were joking, right?!}, have you ever happened to wander around etsy's gift guides section? i have found so many cute categories that make my creative juices flow while simultaneously making my pocketbook itch.

here are some of my favorite gift guides:

pampering: just add hot water

woodland and feathers
(i may or may not confess to having this one on an RSS feed)

oh mouse, guide my purchase button...

Friday, February 20, 2009

Tell me my friend:  Can you think of anywhere in your home, say maybe in the kitchen, maybe on a tiny white shelf above the sink, flanked by a candle and a cookbook (but only one with a gorgeous cover of course) that this little owl could call home?

He just looks perfectly aloof but needing a shelter.  Help him out, won't you?  I mean, now that you have Miss O. (kitties are the gateway drug) isn't it time for a new addition?

Hoot Hoot my night bird,
- Umber

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

kate towers breaks my heart

oh my goooooodddnnnneeesssss.
today i discovered kate towers via one of my favorite design blogs: bliss.

This Portland-based, self-taught seamstress genius, Kate has come out with three lines that i took a few minutes to peruse (waiting for the zucchini casserole to bake, you know), and i tell you - there is not ONE SINGLE THING in this woman's collection that i wouldn't wear.

The latest: Sauvie Island

Golden Hour

Wit & Prim

i hurts.
it hurts sooo good....

mme. whistful.

two favorites from desgin blogs this week

granted it is only tuesday, but this week so far i have found two things in my interwebular design bloggage stocking (and yes, I am still keeping up on it though i am at the computer about 89% less than when i had an actual day job), and here are two things from which i could not look away.

from desiretoinspire, this friggen eutopic bathtub:

and from meade design group, this glass.

combine the two and i am in
love, love, love.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009


i am not supposed to be accessible as i am vacation, but as i was catching up on some email in my parents' office, i stumbled across etsy's homepage.

there was a print that captured exactly how i feel.waiting by tummy mountain

i am waiting.
i wrote a mantra last night in my journal:
"there is a road for me.
i will find it."

as i wait...

Monday, February 2, 2009

le kitty pouf

is 145.00EUR to much to pay for a kitty throne?
new pet owner,
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