Saturday, February 28, 2009

help me choose

As I mentioned to you today while you were oogling plants, I have been keeping a casual eye out for some small artwork to begin to beautify my work space.

Since the artist I was looking at last night found its way into my etsy favorites about 4 times, I decided to have you (all) help me vote on a print.

The first four are from artist Anne-Julie Aubry of The Nebulous Kingdom Illustrations.

The other few I enjoyed finding were from artist Irena Sophia.

do any of them scream candace to you?
which ones are talking?!

(some of the prints admittedly remind me of some of our lovelies in other states!)

i want them all,
mme. bookling


  1. So I've taken some time, flipping slowly through all of these and have come to some rather unhelpful conclusions.

    I think all the Anne-Julie Aubry ones feel very fitting to you - somber, charming, melancholy and lovely all at the same time. BUT, the one I kept coming back to was the "Queen of Sorrow" even though initially I was pushing for the "Melancholia." HOWEVER, I think for me, my favorite is "Le The Suspendu."

    I think you need more than one. That's just what it comes down to.

  2. "Becoming a Puppet"

    grainy, somber, playful

    "Lost in Chopin"

    soft, inspiring, feminine

  3. My favorite to look at is "The Queen of Sorrow," but I hesitate to choose that for you. It seems too private, like putting your journal on display. I am pulled to "Let My Birds Out." I think this is just perfect. Airing your fears, grief, and most importantly, your dreams; with a demure posture and serene face. What more could one ask for?

  4. I do love the "Queen of Sorrow" for sure. I also love the "I let my birds out." Perhaps getting both would set up a beautiful paradox and remind me of all that I love about living in such.


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