Tuesday, November 25, 2008

in praise of gratitude

As my favorite holiday of the year approaches on Thursday, I have many things on my to do list:

  • make place cards for dinner (a watercolor nightmare that i will not give up on!)
  • buy wine
  • find a thanksgiving reading to ponder
  • make my gratitude list
    • And last, to enter "gratitude" into etsy and see what kind of goodies are being made especially for us to grab our thankfulness by the proverbial balls and demand some contentment, damn it.

      Graphic. I know.

      But sometimes a girl must ferociously pursue what continues to elude her...

      the gratitude necklace

      these gorgeous thank-you cards in a color that a certain someone finds a bit irresistible these days...

      the gratitude bag - what an adorable idea for a gift bag!

      this may be a little sneak-peek into my aforementioned gratitude list, but there is sometimes when all i can do is journal...and i am thankful, oh so thankful, for blank pages in pretty books that contain all my cross thoughts.
      they contain the ugliness
      so i no longer have to

      it's kind of a crappy deal for them, being so pretty and all...
      this gratitude ecofriendly journal would do the trick.
      {perhaps it would only contain all my contented thoughts...and though small at first, as with any seed, with nurturing...would grow}

      and while we are on the subject of writing...there is nothing like a good pen to start {and quickly end if it's bad} a good scribble session. i have a most lovely pen, and perhaps it needs a new home in this adorable fall case.

      i thank you for a lovely year of friendship, frolics, and frivolity.
      ~lady whit

      Tuesday, November 18, 2008

      things that remind me of you

      in my internet sojourning, i continually stumble upon things that remind me of you...certain little wisps of things that seem to be made of the same soul stuff as you. [unfortunately, some of these items found on etsy are sold because i have been compiling this list for some time!]

      i can see you sauntering down to our tea shop in this little day dream dress:

      one of the first things that intrigued me about you and your art is your fascination with the cycles of life. i love the strange bone collections on display in your house and thought this would be just perfect for around your neck: the pterodactyl necklace.

      This loop redwood and buttercup ring seems like the perfect extension of your love and identification with redwoods.

      In fact, I found quite a few "redwoody" things that share your song.
      the redwood curly bowl

      big red by brisherdesigns

      I see you fluttering about your studio with happy and somber purpose, nourishing your soul and giving a rare and beautiful show to others in the process...perhaps wearing something unassuming and comfy as this hummingbird tee:

      In these cold months, we are privileged enough to live in a place that actually benevolently gives us weather! With weather comes accessories! This hooded scarf and sally green coat belongs with you:

      I love stumbling across you all over the internet,
      mme. bookling
      I am very proud to announce the publication of Umberdove's official website. Please go see what this girl is made of...

      Thursday, November 6, 2008

      Tea Time

      It's Thursday, and you know what that means:

      "Its Teatime" print from SeaSprayBlue.

      I don't know if it's the weather (that perfect shade of silver), the Senna (the Saint brews a mean pot of tea), or my search for quiet luxuries (and one hour of sipping and reading does the trick) but I have been craving the perfect tea set to serve.

      These (gone already - boo) would be perfect for scandalous tales and saucy confessions.

      Above and below from TrixieDelicious.

      Not for the faint-of -heart-tea-drinkers (you must be able to put it away like The Saint and I can!) is the work of one of my favorite potters on etsy, Hijacked Ceramics.

      And this little sweetness, found by Miss Plume just the other day, the Inquisitive Birds cup.

      Birdy cup from 5PM Studio.

      And finally, the Pièce de résistance, the London Skyline Teapot from EstherCoombs.


      Mmmmnn, now to find some crumpets!

      Tweetilly Dee my little owl,
      - Umber

      Wednesday, November 5, 2008

      feelin' the love

      i love this dress by petaline
      i love this image by Michael Eckles, found on the Seattle Times
      i love this Victorian ruffled shirt and cashmere heirloom henley by j.crew
      i love the new addition to my family - the flanders necklace by our friend plume. (and wrote about it today here)
      i love this silly owl by modishvintage
      i love this vollen bench
      i love these hurricane lamps
      tell me true, all you out there, are you feelin the love this historic day? because i can feel it gushing forth from mother earth.

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