Friday, June 26, 2009

Please Don't Mr. and Mrs Willis

Yesterday, while catching up on my salacious fashion/celeb gossip magazines at the hairdresser, I stumbled upon an issue of "W" magazine that had been turned over. When I couldn't help myself (I am always looking at the front of magazines that some conservative mother turned around in the grocery store), I saw a spread of Bruce and Emma Willis that looked creepy to say the very best.
Juan, my awesome stylist, confessed to having been the one to cover its shame. I was completely fascinated by this point. And oh boy, do I regret it. I suggest never, ever looking at these raunchy and disturbing S&M pictures filmed by the all-American couple. But leave it to "W" Magazine to transform this:

into this:

And I am seriously telling you, even with Bruce's strangely orange skin this is the LEAST disturbing image.

I am so affected, I might even go turn these copies around in my local grocer.
Thankfully, W also gave us these to comfort us in our time of need:

Mme. Bookling

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Things that make me smile Wednesday

Welcome back to your favorite day of the week. Ah, Wednesday, I'm always stuck in the middle with you...your ways send me a shoppin.
If I had approximately $750 today, I would have purchased these lovely smile-worthy treats.this book dress makes me smile

these boyfriend jeans...

and these boyfriend jeans make me smile

i am smiling all over these well-tailored summery white trousers

this table is so perfect for my nook that i am grinning like a fool!

and finally...
the eclectic mess of this NYC loft (found via desire to inspire)make me smile with distant whimsy,
for surely the saint would never allow it.

Happy Wednesday,

Mme. Bookling

Friday, June 19, 2009

Fashion Friday: Etsy Seller - Thrush

I am forever checking out vintage wares on Etsy, and this last week I came across a lovely vintage seller, Thrush, and spent quite a bit of time pursuing the goods. Not only does she have fabulous finds, but she takes the time to name each item after some cinematic or historical icon. So delightful! Here are some of my favorites:

The Twiggy Dress

The Alexis Smith Dress

The Nancy Sinatra Dress

The Vivian Leigh Dress

The Anne Margaret Dress

Happy Friday! May fabulous, unique, recycled, and affordable fashion find its way into your worthy hands...


Mme. Bookling

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