Friday, March 27, 2009

visual image of the day

on this quiet and candlelit friday evening in march, i find myself looking back through my google reader for an image i saw this morning. it was posted by Desire to Inspire as a tribute to Lesley Dilcock.

i just love the cute, intimate simplicity of it.
i know you are under the weather - so may you hide in an umbrella with your man donning your underoos.

Monday, March 23, 2009

since i bought this, miss brigette says you need this...

a few months ago, our dear she found this print. it's a perfect rendition of me, down to the blonde hair, glasses, owl, and outfit. i have been oogling miss brigette's etsy shop (from whence it came) for some time now, and finally decided to buy it last week. when it arrived, another little one came with it and it reminded me so much of you - i thought you needed to see it.

the pigeon and the teapot

the long hair, the socks, the bird, and the tea! i love that they both have tea...

~le. madame.

Monday, March 16, 2009

the great wall

since i am convinced you can pretty much do anything artistic, i have decided to commission you build this wall for me, okay? great. get right on it.
as seen on Desire to Inspire

Also, while you are at it...can you throw together this shelf for me?

i also secretly wanted to watch you swoon.
but i am here to catch you, don't worry.

mme. bookling

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

visual image of the day

i see a lot on the internet. you see a lot on the internet. we are inundated daily with millions of of gorgeous artwork, words, and fashion tantalize my eyes hourly (rather, the hours i allow myself to be on the internet). today, at the end of the day, after sorting through all that remains in my lens, one image still lingers in my mind's eye.

today's winner is a canadian clothing designer, Obakki. the website has a few stellar photographs of their clothing (though, admittedly, i am not really looking at it), but this one really stuck with me...a gorgeous photograph, a brilliant play on light and color, an unassuming model, a windy frock, a good sea...

tonight i will sleep with visions of obakki in my head,
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