Monday, March 23, 2009

since i bought this, miss brigette says you need this...

a few months ago, our dear she found this print. it's a perfect rendition of me, down to the blonde hair, glasses, owl, and outfit. i have been oogling miss brigette's etsy shop (from whence it came) for some time now, and finally decided to buy it last week. when it arrived, another little one came with it and it reminded me so much of you - i thought you needed to see it.

the pigeon and the teapot

the long hair, the socks, the bird, and the tea! i love that they both have tea...

~le. madame.


  1. I love this - OH! It's US! I need to come visit these wee pieces in your home, swing my long locks and my demitasse of tea.

  2. i am SO glad that you bought that print. it brings me back to our internet maven days...



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