Friday, July 18, 2008

a shameless plug for my bday wish list

so officially, if people want to send me something for my bday, yesterday or today was the last day to get it in the mail.

because, in case you forgot
i am approaching 30 with my "heels digging in" as you say.

though i know, dearest dovely, that you already
have something fabulous for me,
and have sat on the surprise with so much patience.

but only 3 more sleeps and my life is
adult! EEEEK.

Okay, so I am very scattered this Friday morning -
as are you, since you are no doubt scurrying about
cleaning and nesting
to enjoy the company of
your lovely emily and
I am off to camp for the weekend.

So here is what I am hoping and longing and wishing i had tons of money for:

I actually usually dislike cork/brown-heeled wedges, but I really love these. Though I really should be focusing more on flats and sandals (b/c I have decided to try hard to walk to/from work), but these just hit my fabulous radar.

Or these:

This is the perfume I decided were there with me when I got the samples, but as I have been wearing it, I love it more and more. Incidentally, I realized (and I swear I didn't know beforehand) that my sister wears it, which makes me love it more.

As you know, I have been trying to grow out my dark hair and embrace the more natural color - and then bleach the hell out of it! :) Well, this product was recommended to me for the grow out stage - it's like getting your roots done every morning and it washes out every night. I have had the darnedest time finding it at stores, though.
I have not been able to get these out of my head - the description of them is so beautiful. Our plume is rather magical with words, non?
Some other random loves off etsy:

Also in the market for a sharp, high-waisted jean, such as these :

I read an article in the latest domino mag about a wardrobe makeover - and one of it's major premises was to splurge on expensive accessories - glasses, bags, shoes (well, OKAY!), but to keep the wardrobe basic - and to always keep your basics updated. So this means I need to get my little hiney down to american apparel or H&M (when it opens THIS FALL RIGHT ACROSS THE STREET FROM MY BUILDING) to update my t-shirts, tank-tops, and slacks.

Such as this american apparel scoop neck (though I wish it weren't a leotard)

I do hope your weekend is happy and refreshing. I will wish the same for mine.
~xxxx's and ooooo's.
mme. bookling.


  1. 30, 30, 30! Hooray (because 30 is so the new "it" age)!

    And I am truly looking forward to our lunch on Monday. I am SO bad at keeping surprises that the only reason you have not yet received your birthday gift has been your own sheer will-power, but finally the gift giving time is almost come (and I will once again be able to sleep at night).

  2. So, when do I get it? Monday at lunch or Monday night or first thing monday morning when you wake me up with ...wait, never mind.

    Never, ever wake me up. :)

  3. what if I wake you up with balloons? or sausage (ok that sounds peculiar but I mean it, the whole foods variety)? or with madonna? you can't turn down madonna.

  4. i am afraid of what i would do to madonna if she woke me up.

  5. Candace... it was so nice to meet you! I can totally recommend the hair powder. Amazing (but messy) stuff!

    - Emily


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