Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Eclectic? Moi?

What better than a post of my favorite (and totally eclectic) finds of the day? Truthfully, these pics not so disparate, rather they are all potential DIY projects I *might* need to create (and I'm dragging you along to the studio for labor!).

I've seen a few images now of exaggerated faux wood surfaces, but this (part of the "Wrong Woods" Collection) is the one that really gets my creative buzz on. I think my old Ikea set of drawers might be the perfect surface to spruce up, maybe a little less graphic in shades of sky blues and grays.

Or maybe like this one, a whole funky collection of veneers with little paintings popping up in the corners.

And I love, love, love this room. Its so lush with color and texture, but quiet enough to feel restful. I'm thinking my pillows would be gorgeous under a whole collection of little drawings in funky frames. I might need to pull out some old frames and repaint them in teal, white, and red.

And last but so not least, a little eye candy to get me ready for today's work. Rare Device always has such amazing pieces like this beautiful birch platter.

If only I could spend all my days just creating... oh wait! I can, Hooray!
A cheery Tuesday to you, my lovely Bookling!


  1. i am once again reminded of your superior taste and sharp eye.

    1- i LOVE that second dresser, so perfecly missmatched. i fall so easily into the overly matchy because it's easy to keep it from looking clutterd.

    2- that ROOOOOMMMM. i love the color, the hodgepodge of frames, and how your pillows would indeed perfectly finish the room.

    3- YOU CAN PAINT FRAMES? (hello, what was i thinking - you're CAN do it attitude is rubbing off on me and it's annoying because i like to be lazy).

    4- i think a weeping willow needs to find a plate to live on.

    you are my favorite bird.

  2. Oh yes, all you had to say was the magic work, weeping willow, and POOF I'm ready to draw!

  3. I love the dressers. If you do ever get around to your ikea dresser, please post the results here!


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