Thursday, July 3, 2008

your team.

the uncle sam can

the quilted clutch

the korker bow ribbon flip flops
"jose, can you see." seriously. that's the title.
these are some lovely barrets.

worn thusly.

a red white and blue search find. hmmm.

a gorgeously framed flag

a glass necklace for your collection. remember, umber. freedom.

a tote for your yarn?
pastys. no joke. they are for your nipples.

what an adorable bracelet.

quilted flag - does it get any better?

no idea.
place mat for your kitchen table

what a special area rug.

and i stopped searching etsy at page 25 of 259.

(i can't bear to include the links b/c i actually feel kind of bad!! :)

happy holiday,
mon petit oiseau.

here's to yet another post where at the end i get to say - "looking forward to clinks of cocktails tonight."

~mme. bookling


  1. What do you think, a DIY night dedicated to making pastys? We could make them for every major holiday (I think little orange and brown ones with turkey feathers might be nice). Ok, can't keep a straight face any longer, but these are some pretty amazing finds.

    P.S. My team is gonna kick your team's little white ass!

  2. i believe your ass is way smaller than mine. but i believe in your ability to kick it - because you are freakishly taller than my ass and easier for your leg to reach it.


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