Wednesday, July 16, 2008

visual video

well, i was indeed gloomy today, home with some surprising and seemingly unrelated to anything in my life anxiety eating up my guts.

i watched these to things as a means of distraction, and found them both so pleasing.

this first one joel found. please do excuse this crude way to paste a link, but i thought you (and plume as well) would absolutely love this. it takes a while to load, but be patient. it's worth it.

this is radiohead's new video for "house of cards." it's just visually stunning - and they used no cameras and no lights. oh my goodling!


  1. Wow, that first one, beautiful. Fascinating and voyeuristic with those tiny, interior lives. I think I will have to revisit it again today to slow down.

    And isn't today a perfect day for Raidohead? A bit of gray skies, a lilting breeze, a stillness. I think its time for Kid A to begin my working day.

  2. Yes, I noticed how nurtured I felt by the weather - and loved donning my pashmina to work - breeze and clouds are good for us...

  3. Mmmnn, thank you! A pashmina sounds perfect today too.

  4. Yes.
    This is one of my current favorite songs...
    le sigh...


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