Friday, August 1, 2008

"if i live to tell"

you so knew this was coming.

now, i won't deface this iconic woman by stating all the reasons madonna is ridiculous - because we all know it.

but all the reasons she moves me are the following:

  1. she is the most fierce style chameleon i know - always progressive, always making people uncomfortable either with her sexuality, couture, or beauty.
  2. she had a full-ride scholarship for dance school - her dancing ahhhhmazing.
  3. she is an amazing parent - her kids are not allowed to watch TV, etc.
  4. she takes remarkable care of herself, her body, her skin, and is alive in her spirituality

  5. she is unabashedly HERSELF...and despite it being crude sometimes, it inspires me to let go of the facade of control and people's opinions. fearless, just totally f'ing fearless.
  6. she is very very business savy - having basically brought herself from rags to riches. you should read a bio on her - one book i read a while back totally increased my respect for her.
  7. have you ever seen one her live concerts? i own the drowned world tour, and her conceptualizations and artisitc direction is so spot on. you have GOT to watch it.
  8. she is such a huge forerunner for independent, sexual women. i think she is one of the only influences in my life that forced me to deal with being a sexual being...i am thankful for this.

Her music (mostly from 85-00) can
something in me that i often forget exists.
you know. you've seen it.

(it looks something like this:)

to my favorite material girl, happy friday


  1. I have been waiting for this post all day long.

    I love the way you described her as "a fierce chameleon" - beautiful and so fitting.

    A few years ago I saw a friend (Muy-muy was her nickname) who had seem Madonna live in concert the night before. Muy was wearing a shirt with a late 80's photo of Madonna and as she told me about the concert, she wept. That is how much she had been moved by this woman. Incredible.

  2. BITCH! How come I can't be Muy-Muy???!!!!


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