Friday, August 29, 2008

le opera

oh what oh what shall i wear to see
The Phantom of the Opera.....
oh woe is me.


  1. #1 or #5 would be my choices ;-)

  2. i really love number 1! did you click on it to see the other views? it's so gorgeous.

  3. I just realized that I still have not left a comment, even though I've been over to see this post twice. Both times I got all distracted (what? me?) clicking on links and getting lost in the land of Etsy.

    But, I love number 1, but my favorites are numbers 6 and 7. Actually my FAVORITE favorite is a different gown by Stephanie Madesh (of #7, the black bustle gown reclining on a sofa) that is a deep brownish purple one-shouldered number. Who are these people? I mean really, this stuff is amazing!

  4. I'm quite a fan of #8.
    It just looks like my sort of getup.

    You should have witnessed what I sported to The Lizard to dance with half of RW's fire crew the other night. Egadz. I put a swelter in the a geeky Piaf sort of way.

    Also, Mme. While I love the dye job on #1 I fear I can't wear frocks of this style which is why #8 is my numero.


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