Friday, August 15, 2008


You know that scene in Chocolate where Vianne opens the windows to the strong north wind and she finds he must indeed uproot her daughter and move on? Well, I also have this wanderlust - this desire to escape and start listen to something as mystical and illogical as the wind to give voice and direction to my own journey. It wouldn't hurt to have those freaking fabulous red capes Vianne & Anouk wear either.

This love of travel and opportunity to start over gives birth to a great love for maps, and I love this series of map paintings from artist Rachel Ann Austin. She was recently featured on etsy in an article "Quit Your Day Job." Two of my favorites:


So while I was wandering on Etsy - a valid form of escape from my computer-induced aching neck, back, and wrist - i found Bellatrix Art- whose work is very graphic and cartooned, but also somehow abstract and entirely enchanting and seductive somehow.

Heartache and Poetry II

The Forrest of Lights

The Night of the Paper Swans

TGIF, Umbers.
I am exhausted.

~mme. bookling


  1. I love, LOVE maps (its a secret collection of mine, they are all stashed away in the studio for studying and cutting up whenever necessary.

    I want to run away today, not to escape, just to explore.

  2. I sometimes hear the call of an odyssey. Every so often, on my drive to work I wonder what would happen if I just kept driving. Where would I end up? Who would I meet? I am sure I am not alone in feeling this.

    Right now I am quite settled in my new home. Give me 6 months to a year though and I will be itchin for an adventure. John and I have started scheming (not really seriously though) on our next trip.

    Croatia, Rome or Greece.

    Oh to feel free.


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