Monday, June 23, 2008

Trying to save you from squats

Actually that is just my lame excuse to be perusing bags on etsy. I know that you are deep into your book, cozy with your tea but I am beyond addicted to my little computer today (a whole week of going without will do that to a girl).

I haven't found the perfect bag (at least for me) but here are some that seem close.

And this one, I fear is the same at the last giant purse you found and posted on: I love the picture and have been seduced by that visual treat when the bag is really nothing spectacular.

And have you seen this seller? I really want to find one that I love but so far, she has not quite made it. But I think the idea is brilliant, just often too blah on the colors for me (the chromophile)

This one does have me lusting a bit.

Ah well, I suppose I really should get dressed for the day. If only this was what I had to wear!

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