Monday, June 30, 2008

the mission: black sandals for under $30

i know you say flats/sandals make your feet appear boat-like, but i am determined to find more of the sandals i love for summer. on my to-do list today was shop for black sandals, so you get to do it with me. $69 from Charles David

$60 for Steve Madden (or $39.99 on the Steve Madden website)

$30 from Nine West
(if only i liked to wear animal prints and had feet the size of a munchkin cuz HELLO price!)

$54.95 by Dolce Vita

and these are only $200 by Modern Vintage
if $500 is the new $300, then for sure $100 is the new $30! you cannot really get shoes anymore for under $100!

$17.99 from payless.

i would actually like these if they were t-strap instead of in-the-toe business. and also i have sworn off cheap shoes.

$87 by Miz Mooz
more flats than sandals, but like these too.

i am also in the market for a floppy, glamorous, large-brimmed hat such as this, but preferably straw, not wool. of course, this will inspire some deliciously dark red lipstick.
happy monday, my happy little swallow.


  1. Naturally the Modern Vintage are my favorites (ah, to be so cursed with expensive taste!).

    But I did find a pair that I liked...

  2. oh yeah? you tease...

    sorry the link for the nine west one's didn't work - but the reason they wouldn't fit was b/c they only had size five!


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