Wednesday, June 25, 2008

“If a woman rebels against high-heeled shoes, she should take care to do it in a very smart hat” = G.B. Shaw

I was googling some Christian Louboutin over-the-knee boots for my blog this morning (but instead decided to post the Harper's Bazaar spread), and it made me shoe-crazed this morning.

So, I know I have to twist your arm here (or your feet), but let's go shoe shopping! Ready?

First order of business - the over-the-knee boot. these are obnoxious and a work of art all at once.

i like these, but a bit cheap, no? you have to wonder if the price reflects the quality.

this is the picture my sister sent me for the hair idea - but i fell in love also with her boots. christian louboutin boots - though hard to see in picture and even harder to find online!

pretty sure these would look amazing with a shift dress.

Okay, so I know boots are hard to swallow this time of year, but I seriously think they have saved all my outfits. I can wear skirts and dresses to work without having to prepare by shaving my legs! The bitch about boots is that I want one of every kind, brown with heel, brown flat, black with heel, black flat. I am in the market for brown with heel and black with heel...for the fall.


This is a funny blog about shoes! I wish I could have thought to do something like this!

In my searching for shoes, I got COMPLETELY distracted by this new photo shoot of Nicole Kidman's. Go look at all the shots!

ANYWAY, back to boots.

Perhaps this Marc Jacobs for my brown/heel need? and only $900!!

I was reading in this magazine about how everyone loves the new peep-toe boot. I am kind of fascinated and disgusted by it all at once. Something like the above

OMG, I really really love these!

perhaps you can tell me why i may have included these?! :)

well, we all know what YOU want to see, missy umberdove. and I will not deny you this pleasure: oh dear, miss marilee wedge - how we long for you. and the marianna wedge...just like umber and madame bookling, the marianna and the marilee two belong together! maybe that should be our new code names for this blog? marilee and marianna?

There is a ton more, but I am anxious to get this to you. Happy shoes to you, Miss Marilee.

(in other news, I can think of nothing else right now than the Chop Chop salad.)


  1. Oh, but the longing for over-the-knee boots simply undoes me! And that quote - simply brilliant!

    Those toe-less things, I just don't know if I can get behind them (and maybe its because I realize that I will never own a pair myself - that would be pure foolishness in Seattle!) but I also am kinda fascinated. Its kinda like Balenciaga's knee-high gladiators, I really like them, but think they are hideous at the same time.

  2. I rechecked the links last night on this blog, and despite all my work, some of them didn't work! EEK. Well, if you were inclined, they mostly came from in their couture selection...

    I must find the Balenciaga boots of which you speak...

  3. p.s. i am cool with making this blog public, btw. it might be our money maker in the fashion find/design world.


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