Friday, November 27, 2009

Weekly Antler Gathering...

How was your Thanksgiving?  I was hanging out with my sister and her in-laws and we had our meal at Black Angus.  Despite some trepidation about eating at a restaurant for what is arguably my favorite meal of the year, it was really good!  The best part?  Well, I believe it was the controlled portions.  So what if we bought an apple pie on the way home.

Here's a review of this week on Antler Magazine (which, if you haven't checked out this month's issue, you should! I'm in it!!!) :
Make no mistake, I shall not be shopping in any shape or form today.  Do you dare brave it?  Are you one of those people who thrive on the external stimulation or just the sweet taste of sale prices?  I am neither.  Therefore, I know god loves me...for on the 8th day he created the INTERNET and then on the 12th day, online shopping.

Happy Friday,

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