Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Purple Rain...

I spotted this hat in the window of Urban Outfitters as I was walking home from the grocery store a few weeks ago. I have loved it ever since, but was not tempted to spend the $40 until I went online and saw that they had it in purple. Ever since a little bird whispered that I needed to be in purple, it's been catching my eye.

And then, just before the rush of impulsivity took a hold of my fingers and clicked "buy," I had the saddest of all sad thoughts. I am no longer going to be in the city for the fall...as you know, I am moving out to the country. Then I had a flood of horrible thoughts, "Will I ever have an excuse for a fall hat again if only the birds and joel will appreciate it?"

And then I realized with great relief that I still have a car...and Seattle's not going anywhere...AND MOST IMPORTANTLY, that even if the birds were the only ones to swoon over my hat...they, me, and joel are audience enough.

I'll make my own damn purple rain, thank you very much.


  1. I dare you to wear your purple hat in a Hobart Walmart!

  2. You did click yes, right?!?!

    Because you will have every reason and need in the world to wear a purple hat out in the country AND in the city when you come to visit!

    p.s. So help me God, I will not stand by and let country-bumpkin [non] fashion claim you!


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