Wednesday, April 22, 2009

"things that make me smile" wednesday.

Before I divulge the list I have been sitting on all week.....HOLD THE PRESSES. What I am about to show you is the most freaking perfect amazing idea ever. Especially for book/library/liquor lovers. Below is what looks like a simple, vintage card catalog.

When she sent this to me yesterday (internet maven that she is), the saint's response was, "That is the coolest thing I have ever seen!"


My response?


Yesterday's feature on was an installment entitled "Using an old card catalog as a bar." There is even an older installment where the idea was to use the catalog as a wine-cellar. Brilliant!
Now to find a card catalog...wanna break into the library with me?

Sigh. Back to the "Things that make me smile" Wednesday list.
Otherwise known as the "it-hurts-my-feelings-that-something-so-beautiful-exists-and-i-do-not-own-it."

This first entry is from the TheNoisyPlume, of course.
(Did you know I have an RSS feed to her shop so I can get instant notifications of her new pieces? Even WITH that in place, her jewelery gets sold within seconds!)
Prairie Soul Ring
(yes, it's way sold, i know. i spend a lot of time looking through her sold items).

I have so been jonesin' for a spring dress infusion in my wardrobe. This would do perfectly!

Spring Wildflower Dress

It's no secret that I love to write. Friends have recommended that I acquire a typewriter, and although I would LOVE the sound of keys banging out the occasional poem or letter, I feel it would be terribly unused. But then I remembered electricity and I am thinking this one would be PERFECT. (It also matches my orangy workspace).
Sears Electric Typewriter

I lost my gloves. You know. Everyone knows. I found a pair that I love even more! You may ask (not you, of course) why I would want gloves on a spring wish list. I would answer...Seattle.

Fingerless Gloves in Grey

In the recent rearrangement of our living room, there is a little corner that needs anchoring. I have been wanting a footstool or a bench for it and am loving this one.

Jet Set Storage Bench in Orange Tweed

Hope you find something to smile about today.

my cheeks hurt,
mme. bookling


  1. Whoo Hoo. Thank you for putting your fine taste into service for us all, doting upon our senses by showcasing what fate brought to your eyeballs.

  2. i am totally an internet maven. and you coined that title, by the way. i take no credit for its genius.

    i think a card catalog should be on your list to scavenge next time you do the seattle yard sales...heaven knows you already have the booze!

  3. I have a card catalog sitting in my garage. I have grand plans for it though... someday! Find libraries that still haven't gone automated (or have just done so) and you might get your hands on one :)

  4. I will so help you break into the library for one of those!!! I'm pulling on my ski mask right now...

    And I know, I am a greedy bastard somedays, but I been longing for new spring dresses like none other. What this 60 degree weather does to us Seattleites, bare pasty legs and all!

  5. Um.
    Please do not hate The Plume...

    ...but I have an old Idaho State University card catalogue in my living room and it's a spitting image of the fine example in this post. It truly is a wonderful thing and makes a wonderful job of acting as my jewelry inventory organizer.

    Secondly, I have a feeling that you might need to poke around a small town in order to find yourself a catalogue since Seattle is surely ahead of the times when it comes to library computerization...???

    Oui oui?


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