Thursday, April 9, 2009

(is this cheating?) Umberdove Enviornments

{detail of the range}

moved and inspired by this morning's post by the redwood (you), i am realizing that perhaps your environment pieces have not had the exposure they are due.

so, here are my personal favorites, courtesy from your good lookin website:"Path"

i have always loved this last photo - so rare to see you in action! you look so endearing and childlike, yet fully confident and poised, balancing on that rock.

so there you go. i hope everyone takes a few minutes and enjoys all of these awesome works of art.
~mme. bookling


  1. i almost didn't even see her in the last picture; she blends into the earth and rock as if she was meant to be rooted there...

    i loved these too.

  2. not cheating at all, more like honoring. and for that I say thank you my friend.


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